More Efficient Means of Managing Facility-based Personal Mobility

Addressing the transportation needs of the elderly contributes to maintaining their ability to live independently, allowing them to actively participate in social activities, shopping, entertainment, and daily affairs, thereby improving their quality of life and reducing the risk of social isolation and depression.

Simultaneously, it alleviates the burden on caregivers, reducing dependence on family and societal support systems. This helps enhance overall societal sustainability in supporting the elderly.

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Less Time, More Insight

- Autonomous chair delivers itself to users, enabling personal mobility, and freeing staff from manually managing transport chairs.
- Network-connected and centrally monitored with data regarding utilization time, frequency and duration, providing greater insight for better resource management.

Easy Access

- Retractable arm rest allows easy, side access, minimizing the distance between foot and seat.
- Highly responsive joy-stick for navigating small spaces. Option of left or right side.

Advanced Safety and Smooth

- Collision avoidance technology prevents accidents by detecting obstacles and automatically adjusting the wheelchair's path. Adaptive system ensures a smooth and comfortable ride on various surfaces, including uneven pavements, cobblestones, and ramps.

Precise and Versatile Driving

Hybrid positioning and navigation algorithms meet the large-space navigation requirement, unlock unprecedented precision and versatility.

  • Ergonomic Seats
  • Camera and sensor assurance
  • Pneumatic-free damped wheels
With self-delivery, onscreen exercise demonstration, and cloud-based data capture, we're taking walk training to the next level.
With self-delivery, onscreen exercise demonstration, and cloud-based data capture, we're taking walk training to the next level.
With self-delivery, onscreen exercise demonstration, and cloud-based data capture, we're taking walk training to the next level.

Smart Obstacle Avoidance Intelligently Passing Through Bumps

Perceive obstacles, steps, curves and complex terrain in motion, and prompt the user in real time through sound, or automatically brake or slow down to ensure safety.

Real-Time Positioning and Mapping Accurate Arrival in All Road Conditions

PathFynder has a built-in proprietary 3D navigation obstacle avoidance system and multiple sensors to ensure accurate real-time positioning and mapping for both indoor and outdoor environment.

Senior Living Community

Pathfynder™ enhances the daily lives of the elderly in senior living communities by providing easy navigation within the facility, promoting independence and reducing potential confusion.

Outdoor Strolls

Tailored for seniors, Pathfynder™ offers safe and enjoyable outdoor walking routes, guiding the elderly through parks or neighborhoods with user-friendly navigation and helpful information.

Medical Facility Assistance

In medical facilities catering to the elderly, Pathfynder™ serves as a supportive tool, offering clear navigation within the premises, reducing stress, and ensuring a comfortable experience for seniors.

Technical Indicators

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989 x 705 x 949
Aluminum alloy, seamless steel pipe, ABS plastic
49.5 Kg
Front Wheels
10" omnidirectional wheel x 2
Back Wheels
10" inflation-free wheel x 2
0.1 m/s to 1.2 m/s
Imported 12.5 Ah 18650 ternary lithium batteries (removable)
Human Body Recognition
Monocular camera: 2 MP color camera
Obstacle Sensing and Avoidance
RGBD camera (RGB + Depth)
360o scanning, 0.33o angular resolution
2.6’’ TFT
Rear Obstacle Avoidance
Closed-system ultrasound sensor
Positioning Accuracy
±0.25 m, ±10°
Obstacle Crossing Ability
>5 cm
Cliff Monitoring
> 10cm
Blue LED strip
802.11 B/G/N + Bluetooth 4.2, 4G/5G router
Manual Driving
Omnidirectional hall joystick
Battery Life
Inclination Detection
9-axis inertial sensor
2W 4Ω stereo horn

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