Elderly-friendly interactions. Emotional support solution tailored for seniors.

WELLI™ is an intelligent companion service robot with AI capability. With 24/7 support, it encourage the elderly to think and socialize more frequently to improve their mental health.

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Expandable entertainment options including news, music, audio book, games, etcEnjoy the entertainment through customizable menu and voice commandCustomizable menu of news, sports, music, audio book and other entertainment options

Emotion Recognition

Facial expressions to convey emotion, provide direct eye contact and enhance user engagementLibrary of activities supporting cognitive fitnessUnlimited APIs enabling integration with other enterprise information systemsFriendly and easy voice interactions to talk and communicate

Autonomous Operation

Delivers itself to a user, initiates activities and returns without assistanceFacial recognition to confirm and greet the intended userAuto-Charge Management

Intelligent Reception and Engaging Interaction

WELLI™ offers friendly support designed with the needs of seniors in mind. Its smart features gracefully handle greetings, provide gentle guidance, and simplify Q&A interactions. More than just a robot, WELLI™ is a considerate companion, ensuring a warm and accessible experience for older individuals in every interaction.

  • Engaging Experiences
  • Guidance & Navigation
  • Q&A Interaction
With self-delivery, onscreen exercise demonstration, and cloud-based data capture, we're taking walk training to the next level.
With self-delivery, onscreen exercise demonstration, and cloud-based data capture, we're taking walk training to the next level.
With self-delivery, onscreen exercise demonstration, and cloud-based data capture, we're taking walk training to the next level.

Proactive Emotional Care

WELLI™ leads the way in proactive emotional care, offering 24/7 support to encourage meaningful conversations, cognitive engagement, and social interactions for enhanced mental well-being. With facial recognition for personalized interactions, WELLI™ stands as a committed companion, uplifting spirits through continuous, thoughtful engagement.

Supportive Nursing Assistance

WELLI™ steps into the role of a compassionate nursing assistant, offering dedicated support to enhance the well-being of users. With a focus on providing assistance for daily tasks and gentle reminders for medication, WELLI™ brings a comforting presence to those in need. As a nursing assistant, WELLI™ is designed to embody empathy and care, creating a reassuring and supportive environment for individuals seeking both practical aid and genuine companionship.

Spiritual Companionship

WELLI™ meets daily psychological needs by providing Proactive care as a companion.

Care Management

WELLI™ understands the cognitive status of its owner through hospital admission information and regular evaluations and positively intervenes in the degradation of cognition capability through daily training.

Family Relationships

WELLI™ can strengthen family ties by helping seniors more easily communicate with their family members.

Technical Indicators

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47.5 x 44 x 102 cm
31 kg
20 Ah lithium battery, compliant with UL1642, UN38.3, IEC62133, UL2054
Up to 1 m/s
Positioning Accuracy
<25 cm; <10° (navigation)
1080p; output format: JPEG/YUV
5 W hi-fi speaker x 2
Obstacle Crossing
2 cm high obstacle; 3.5 cm gap
Dual-screen display, the 10.1" main screen shows service content, and the 5.5" sub-screen shows expressions
802.11 B/G/N/AC + BT4.2
Small-sized measuring Lidar with a 270° scanning angle, 0.33° angle  resolution, and scanning frequency of 15 Hz

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